A 100% polyester Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat featuring hand-drawn watercolor zebras by Cotton Cat.
A waterproof Cotton Cat shower curtain featuring two hand-drawn Watercolor Zebra designs in 100% polyester.
A Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat, made of 100% polyester and perfect for a waterproof bathroom decor, by Cotton Cat.
A Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat made from 100% polyester, ensuring its waterproof quality.
This Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain by Cotton Cat features a hand-drawn watercolor design of two zebras. Made from 100% polyester material, it is both stylish and durable.
A waterproof bathroom with a Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat made of 100% Polyester.
This Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat from Cotton Cat is 100% polyester and waterproof.
A Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat, made from 100% polyester, depicting hand-drawn watercolor zebras.
This Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain by Cotton Cat features two zebras printed on it. Made of 100% polyester, it showcases a unique hand-drawn watercolor design.
A Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat featuring two hand-drawn watercolor zebras, made with 100% polyester.
A white Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat with water droplets on it, made of 100% polyester and waterproof.
Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat, by Cotton Cat, featuring 12 rust proof metal grommets.

Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain-Cottoncat

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Size: 48*72in

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  • 【Waterproof Fabric】Our shower curtain features the latest waterproof coating technology, allowing water drops to slide off smoothly like pearls, keeping your bathroom dry. The premium polyester fabric ensures quick drying and effectively maintains a warm and clean bathroom environment.
  • 【Unique Design】With HD digital printing for clear and vibrant colors that resist fading,create a visually stunning addition to your bathroom decor, adding personality and charm to your space.
  • 【Material and Size】Crafted from high-quality waterproof polyester, this shower curtain is quick-drying, soft, and durable. Available in five sizes: 48"W x 72"H, 55"W x 72"H, 60"W x 72"H, 66"W x 72"H, and 72"W x 72"H, ensuring a perfect fit for most tubs and showers. The thicker lines at the bottom enhance the curtain's elegant appearance.
  • 【Easy to Install and Clean】Equipped with built-in metal grommets at the top and 12 durable hooks, installation of the Abstract Geometric Aztec Shower Curtain is a breeze. It supports both hand washing and machine washing in cold water. After washing, simply hang to dry or tumble dry at low temperature. Avoid bleaching or prolonged sunlight exposure.
  • 【Multipurpose】Perfect for various settings including home bathrooms, school dormitories, hotels, apartments, camping sites, locker rooms, gyms, and more, this versatile shower curtain is an ideal choice to enhance your bathroom decor, elevate your shower experience, and uplift your mood. Additionally, it can be utilized as a backdrop, curtain, tablecloth, tapestry, or party backdrop, offering multiple decorative possibilities.
Size: 48*72in

Product Description

Material: 100% Polyester, waterproof

Accessory: 12 plastic hooks

Elevate your bathroom decor with our unique Hand-drawn Watercolor Zebra Shower Curtain. The stunning design showcases a vivid and HD image of a zebra created with intricate watercolor brushstrokes.

Crafted from 100% polyester, this waterproof curtain offers durability and practicality, ensuring a worry-free shower experience while protecting your bathroom floor.

The hand-drawn and artistic design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a statement piece. Upgrade your bathroom and immerse yourself in nature's artistry with this remarkable zebra shower curtain.

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